Transmission Line Design You Can Trust
Engineering Roots Deeply Entrenched in Transmission Line Design

Many of Pickett’s engineers have prior experience serving in the transmission line groups within various electric utilities. This gives our team a unique perspective and appreciation of the challenges our clients face. We design with construction and maintenance in mind, and consistently seek ways to help clients reduce capital and operating costs.

We have provided full life-cycle engineering services necessary to support hundreds of new lines and rebuilds, overhauls, re-conductors, shieldwire replacements and substation cut-ins with new and replacement structures comprising of lattice towers, and steel, concrete and wood poles. We have supported voltages from 69kV to 500kV across varying terrains, including: mountainous areas, major water crossings, wetlands, urban centers and coastal areas.

Our engineers have modeled and analyzed over 10,000 miles of transmission line to support compliance with NERC FAC-003 and FAC-008. We have helped our clients define their as-built processes that specify weather data, line loading, survey, and PLS-CADD modeling requirements. Our experience modeling lattice steel towers in PLS-TOWER and complex engineered pole structures in PLS-POLE enable us to assist our clients in tackling complex, high-profile, mission-critical projects that includes telecommunications joint-use, structure remediation, and major water crossings.

We couple our full-range of engineering expertise with support of the environmental permitting process and the construction planning and coordination with numerous local, state and federal agencies with informative exhibits, presentations, and submittal drawings.

  • Transmission line design (69kV – 500kV)
  • New Builds, Re-builds, Relocations and OHGW Replacements
  • Re-rates
  • Maintenance
  • Storm Response
  • Foundation design for direct buried, drilled shaft, pile-supported and marine structures
  • Design of engineered structures, special structures and structure load trees
  • Development of plan/profile drawings
  • Development of construction work order packages
  • Design and permitting of construction access roads through wetlands
  • NERC FAC-003 compliance analysis
  • NERC FAC-008 compliance engineering
  • Design criteria development
  • EMF analysis
  • Cost estimating and analysis
  • Development of federal, state and local permit drawings
  • Shop drawing review and coordination of vendor materials
  • Project management support services
  • Field engineering services
  • Construction specification review and development
  • Training and presentations
  • Distribution, joint use and DOT coordination
  • Access management plans and traffic control plans
  • Clearing plans and work order package development
  • Stormwater pollution protection plan development

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