Lake Hancock

Lake Hancock

Hydrographic Survey – For this task Pickett established vertical control to determine water surface elevations. HyPack software was used to plan the survey lines and for data collection. The field survey consisted of running over 100 miles of survey lines in a 14 foot jon boat. An Odom survey grade fathometer was used to obtain depths and horizontal positioning was provided via differentially corrected GPS. The data was processed using HyPack 2013 software and a certified survey was delivered to the District.

Vertical Control Survey ‐ The purpose of this task was to establish vertical control for future topographic surveys and placement of Ordinary High Water Line elevations on the ground around the lake. The objective was to set twenty‐three (23) new poured in place concrete monuments and establish NGVD 29 and NAVD 88 elevations for these points. Levels were also to be run through all NGS (National Geodetic Survey) monuments, as well as existing unpublished monuments along the route. In addition to establishing elevations, sub‐meter geographic positions and digital photographs were to be taken of all newly established and existing benchmarks. Approximately 41 miles of differential levels were run generally along public roads around the lake. Expected accuracies are Second‐Order Class II.

Real Estate Acquisition Surveys – To support the client’s acquisition efforts we have performed multiple surveys on over 50 parcels in the lake acquisition area. These surveys vary from boundary surveys of small residential tracts to large acreage parcels. In many cases subsequent topographic surveys were prepared. Many of the parcels required new legal descriptions for partial takes. Extensive work was performed on the lake to determine the Ordinary High Water Line for all lake front parcels. These ordinary high water lines were subsequently approved by FDEP. Some of the larger tracts are: Hampton 1167 acres, Coscia/Nguyen 573 acres, and Old Florida Plantation 3347 acres.

Topographic Outfall Treatment Project – While working with a consulting engineer and the client, we also performed topographic surveys to a 1’ foot contour spec, vertical control surveys, and ordinary high water line surveys to support the design of a wetland treatment system on the South side of the lake on the Old Florida Plantation parcel.