Hudson to New Port Richey

Hudson to New Port Richey

Pickett was chosen to provide surveying and mapping services in support of a client as they rebuilt a 115 kv line running throughout Florida.

Pre‐Construction Geodetic Control Surveys: Prior to construction, Pickett was tasked to establish horizontal and vertical geodetic control, equating to 23 vertical and horizontal control points in order to help control aerial imagery and LiDAR that was to be flown in support of design topographic and boundary surveys.

Construction Staking: Staking occurred in a pre‐construction phase, in order to assist vegetation crews in determining the extents of the Transmission Line Right‐of‐Way. Once the vegetation was cleared, just prior to the construction move in date, Pickett provided rapid response staking of all of the proposes structure locations which included the structure, reference stakes, nameplate locations bisectors and guy wire locations. In total, over 210 staking locations were provided.

SUE: For each of the proposed 104 structure locations, level‐B ground penetrating radar was used to help identify any potential conflicts with other underground utilities. The SUE was overseen by Pickett and subcontracted to teammate Southeastern.

Real Estate Map: Pickett provided real estate mapping services, which required the mapping of existing and required easements across all 262 impacted property owners along the 7 mile route. This required researching, surveying and mapping the deeds of all property owners, road right of ways and any other land interests. Property corners and other controlling monuments were locating and tied in. Individual sketches and descriptions (S&Ds) were prepared for each impacted property owner.

Post‐Construction Geodetic Control: After the construction of the line was completed, Pickett was tasked to set 47 horizontally controlling monuments along the transmission line right‐of‐way, which included setting rods with steel caps.

Measurement / As‐Built Topographic Map: As‐Built Topographic data was collected using a combination of ground surveys and airborne LiDAR in order to develop a topographic as‐built to keep as a reference to show the locations of the structure and transmission line in relationship to ground clearances and to check conformance against the design of the structures and transmission line.

Monumentation Map: In order to provide the client with locations of their monuments, the real estate map was revised to also include the locations of set horizontal geodetic control monuments.