Albritton NRCS Easement

Albritton NRCS Easement

Pickett was selected by the USDA/NRCS to provide a boundary survey of the Albritton NRCS Easement Area. The property encompasses approximately 3,556 acres.

Our initial step consisted of a thorough search of publicly available land records and control as well as private property records. Afterwards, an on‐site visit with the land owner and the NRCS representative was conducted to confirm field survey access logistics as well as to confirm the location of the proposed boundary in consideration of site features and the easement objectives.

A GPS site calibration was performed based on published NGS control prior to commencement of field activities to locate found section corners and improvements. Upon location of controlling section corners and occupation, boundaries were calculated based on State Plane coordinates and stake out coordinates were computed for boundary line marking. The easement perimeter was posted with signs at all corners and at 500’ intervals along the boundary.

Upon completion of field work, access easement description and sketches and legal descriptions were prepared for the access and conservation easements. Additionally, plots and maps were prepared and reviewed. Complete certified hard copy and digital deliverables were furnished on schedule and the entire project was accomplished within budget.