Alachua to Hull Road

Alachua to Hull Road

Geodetic Control: For this project we established over 140 horizontal and vertical geodetic control points using GPS / GNSS.

Topographic Surveys: Pickett developed a topographic map spanning the 23 mile, 400‐foot corridor, in order to help support the design of the project. The 1‐foot contour was then added to the resulting real estate survey. The topo was derived using a combination of ground based GPS RTK surveys in addition to aerial LiDAR.

Real Estate Survey and On‐Call Map Updates: For the entire route, a real estate map was prepared whereby we field located neighboring property corners for all impacted properties from the client’s easements. We conducted all deed and public ROW research and delivered a base map that met the client’s standards. Additional maps were created, bringing in the topographic contours, proposed structure locations and additional exhibits.

SUE: Pickett was tasked to coordinate and oversee a variety of SUE related activities, including performing 5x5x5 soft‐digs for over 200 locations in addition to performing GPR services. Teammate Southeastern was used for all SUE related services, with direct oversight from Pickett.

Construction Staking: Clearing staking along the edges of the right of way was performed in order to support the vegetation management crews to limit their clearing activities to the client maintained ROW about every 100 to 200 feet amounting to approximately 2000 staking locations. Then, prior to the construction move in, Pickett provided immediate, on‐call structure staking for over 120 transmission poles, equating to staking on average, 4 stakes per pole, or 480 total. Roads and pads were also staked for this project.

As‐Built / Measurement Survey: Upon completion of this project, Pickett was tasked to perform an as‐built topographic survey using a combination of field‐surveyed GNSS and airborne LiDAR in order to assist the client in determining if there were any nonconformances of the construction as compared with the design.