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Our airborne LiDAR (light detection and ranging) team focuses on the energy, mining, and land development sectors. We specialize in small to medium-sized projects and can provide anything from raw data to a complete final product.

We utilize a RIEGL terrestrial scanner for smaller projects where high-resolution, high-accuracy LiDAR data is required. In combination with the top-mounted DSLR camera, we can create photo-realistic point clouds to survey and document as-built conditions of almost any feature, such as substation equipment. This technology allows us to measure objects remotely, increasing job safety, as we do not need to physically touch energized objects.

We use one of the most advanced commercial LiDAR systems available in the industry today to ensure cutting-edge results. The Teledyne Optech Galaxy T2000 sensor is one of many tools used for a myriad of LiDAR applications. When used in conjunction with our iXU-RS 1000 medium-format camera, this system produces a complete picture of site conditions — meaning our clients get the results they need to be used for a multitude of purposes.

In the energy sector, we can perform aerial surveys of corridors with lengths of 1 mile to several hundred miles, with a point density of 50 points per square meter, or more. For the mining sector, we provide aerial surveys ranging in size from 1-acre stockpiles to several thousand acres, using the data to create digital surfaces and compute high-accuracy volumes for accounting purposes. Land development projects range in size from 20 acres to more than 100 square miles, finalizing into a detailed topographic survey.

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