Challenging Conditions…Meet the Pickett Hydrographic Survey Team

The Pickett Hydro Team has specialized in providing bathymetric surveys in lakes, ponds, rivers, canals and near shore coastal areas for over 25 years. We thrive on the unique challenges these conditions present and have developed custom boats, trailers and equipment mounts to make us efficient and safe.

These services are carried out in a variety of water craft including canoes, skiffs, airboat and a custom designed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). Sounding sensors include an Odum Hydrotrac Single beam Echosounder and a Multibeam R2Sonic EchoSounder with motion sensor and RTK GPS Heading bundle. Data collection and office processing is accomplished with industry standard HyPack software.

As a result of our years of experience collecting data in acidic water ponds atop phosphogypsum stacks, we developed a USV that can withstand the operational rigors of low pH water, yet still provide quality soundings verified by remote controlled bar checks. All components are economical, off the shelf and quickly interchangeable. Safety was the overriding driver in developing and deploying this system that is portable, easy to launch and unmanned.

Pickett designed an operational unmanned watercraft that is an affordable, lightweight, easily deployed, highly maneuverable autonomous surface vessel. The vessel collects sonar data in acidic water retention ponds atop gypsum stacks, as well as other typical project conditions encountered in the course of hydrographic surveys.The design and portability of the watercraft makes it easier to launch in areas with minimal boat ramps. It is able to traverse tighter areas inaccessible to manned watercraft.

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