Advanced GIS Capabilities For Streamlined Project Progression

At Pickett, we are always looking for ways to deliver faster and simplify decision making throughout the engineering and construction process. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) do just that – we offer progressive solutions to meet the demanding needs of major projects from start to finish. Pickett offers the ability to analyze large amounts of data through a geospatial component, which allows our team and clients to simultaneously visualize projects as they progress through time.

Our GIS capabilities include an all-inclusive map portal that serves as a project management tool, housing several project aspects together in one place. This tool provides geographic details that give key insights to project advancement needs. The map portal enables our field crew team to take notes in the field and upload data in real-time, meaning our engineering team gets a head start processing field data. Data can then be taken from the portal and inserted into spreadsheets and reports that show project barriers, concerns and suggestions for improvement. This provides complete transparency throughout the project to ensure even the most difficult deadlines are met.

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