We Proudly Solve Complex Engineering Problems
Our Engineering Approach Emphasizes Ease of Construction, Operational Cost Savings and System Reliability

Pickett’s engineers recognize that each client has unique requirements and face diverse challenges that cannot be addressed through a one-size-fits-all approach. This demands that our engineers not only develop a strong understanding of how design philosophies and decisions uniquely impact a specific project, but also how they affect the client’s overall business.

Comprehensive Engineering Service Offerings





Civil Engineering

Our engineers possess a varied utility and consulting background with experience encompassing transmission line and substation design, structural engineering, civil/site and access road design, and construction and project management.

Pickett’s primary clients are investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, environmental consultants, construction companies, telecommunications companies, and power and telecom consultants.

We assemble client specific project execution teams that include a Subject Matter Expert (SME) that has a deep understanding of the specific client’s design standards, practices and philosophies with responsibility for training all future team members. This enables our project execution teams to be scalable with the ability to perform multiple projects effectively and concurrently.

Our project delivery style is to effectively communicate and work closely with our client’s staff, vendors and other key stakeholders throughout all phases of the project life-cycle.

Pickett’s project execution methodology integrates formal quality checkpoints and QA/QC of deliverables throughout the project life-cycle. Our QA process relies upon the use of extensive checklists, understanding of design codes and standards, and the training and experience of our engineers and designers. Our QC process employs stringent, independent design reviews in accordance with internal procedures and client-specific requirements.

Our engineers and designers have worked on hundreds of projects, and developed strong and collaborative relationships with our clients, founded upon our values, promises and experience.