Aerial Mapping

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Our aerial platform consists of a 2015 Cessna T-206H Turbo Station Air, modified with FAA approved camera ports for aerial surveys. In addition to topographic mapping and orthorectified imagery, we provide planimetric mapping (mapping of natural and man-made features), impervious surface mapping and traditional photogrammetric mapping. We use fixed-wing aircraft capable of collecting data for wide-area, high-altitude projects, as well as in low-altitude corridors at lower speeds.

Industry Functions
• Utility Design and As-built surveys
• NERC compliance
• Route planning/selection
• Vegetation management
• Topographic mapping
• Floodplain modeling
• Material volumetrics
• Environmental assessments
• GIS base mapping/imagery

Services and Deliverables
• Data acquisition and processing
• Classified LiDAR data
• Orthorectified imagery
• PLS-CADD models
• Digital terrain models (DTM)
• Digital elevation models (DEM)
• Digital ground surface models (CAD)

• Contour generation
• Topographic maps
• Volume computations
• Impervious surface mapping
• Data fusion (airborne, bathymetric, conventional)
• Historical photo rectification
• Expert witness testimony

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